Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Everything Falls Apart

"Why do bad things happen to good people?"

     This thought has been running through my head for  days. In the past day and a half the following contents of Pandora's Box have been dumped on me:

  1. I have a strange man that is literally stalking me and making me feel like a prisoner in my own home.
  2. My precious cell phone( my life and sanity) was dropped and fried
  3. I had to go against my nature and unintentionally hurt another person by cutting off communication with them
  4. I've had a small pack of my neighbors' starving hoarded dogs tear up my trash and drag it thru the streets
  5. 2 of my children became ill...
  6. ....which resulted in my staying up til 4:30am trying to get ahold of the dr. ....
  7. ....and hounding the poor nurses all day today to get that man to get me a Rx for them
     It's like since my last post where I decided not to worry about things I can't control, fate is testing me to see how serious I was. I was serious as a heart attack. I'm not worried- unless you count that whole stalker thing.

    But seriously, people always question why bad things happen to good people. I've heard different answers.
"Because those good people have done something wrong." A variation of this is "God is punishing them". I don't buy this at all.God has not even begun to play the role of Judge yet. Trust me, when that happens- the whole world will know- and there will be no question that this is what's happening.

"Because God doesn't care what happens." Again, so not true. God is not a gigantic 4 year old that created the world just to sit back and mess with us. Step outside once and awhile people- we are not the Sims,lol. If God didn't care what happens, why would He bother creating the seasons,the weather, recreating life with each and every new birth,and spilling His own blood to redeem souls to Heaven?  Ever hear this before?: "I asked God 'Lord,How much do you love me?' And He spread out His arms and died." This is my answer to those who truly believe God doesn't care. If anything it's people who don't care...not God.
     I've come to adopt a new way of thinking since my metamorphosis began. It's less pessimistic and I believe more on point and in tune with the Heart of God. 
"Because how would you know what a rainbow is unless you've gone through the storm?" Sure it sounds girly and emotional, but in all seriousness....how would you know what a rainbow looks like if you've never experienced a rain storm before? How would you know the energizing power of a Spring's sunlight unless you've spent months in Winter's grey? How would you recognize the awesome power and immensity of God's love for you if you've never dealt with trials and heartache? How would you know what an answer to pray is unless you've had something to pray about?

     Bad things happen to good people (and bad people) for the simple fact that there is sin in the world.There is evil in the world...but He loves us. The bad,hurtful and breaking things in this life are not because of God. They are in spite of God. And yes, He is always there when the stuff goes down...not because He caused it...but because, well, who else will be there to put the pieces back together when everything falls apart?



  2. ..........................???.....................WOW. blew me away.Speachless.....

  3. You have taught me that there are somethings still out there worth still loving for. Faith in God will bring you out in the end, and if that isn't good enough for ya? He may just be sending you your next True Love to save ya and help pull you up. WOW thank you soooo much.

  4. Mom- I'll pass your thanks on to God,lol. You know I wrote this 15 minutes before you called so I had no idea what you were going through. God knows what we need, when we need it.
    Anonymous #1- Thank you.God tends to have that effect on me too,lol. I love the song"I stand in awe of you". It's a love song to the Lord.
    Anonymous #2-I'm happy my post has taught you something; news like this makes what I do worth every minute of typing! But please remember that Faith in God is just the beginning. Even the devil has faith in the fact that God exists- he has seen him after all. It also takes a total heart makeover and baptism of water in Spirit. God may have done it all at the cross, but we have a responsibility to Him as well....that's the definition of True Love. <3