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I began keeping a blog in August of 2004 just for the fun of writing; I poured so much of my self into it and have seen myself grow so much and go thru so much that I can't bring myself to delete it.(Please check it out here:
 I am beginning a new phase of my life with a few old posts, mainly because they are so pertinent to where my heart and mind are now--no longer ( well, at least not so much) on myself, but on others. True JOY: Jesus,Others,You.
From now on I will be creating my blog entries here. I hope I can be your soft place to fall, your attentive ear, and your family friendly entertainment. Be blessed as you read.

My Journey to Purpose

 originally written on Saturday, 26 February 2011

ok, please don't call it a New Year's resolution, because this wasn't thought up in seconds and failed at year after year. And it's not an attempt to become rich or famous( as you can tell if you ever actually read my ramblings). I have come to believe that we all- regardless of race,religion, gender or net worth- were put on this earth to serve a certain purpose. As a Christian I know my ultimate purpose is to glorify GOd, which sounds easy enough( not so when your righteousness is as filthy rags) ...thank God for mercy and grace. But I also want my time here on earth to not just be as Elton John put it- a candle in the wind.
The way I see it too many ppl are serving empty purposes. People like porn stars ( destroy marriages),  the cast of Jersey Shore ( zaps your time efficiency like being tricked into watching the muzak channel everyone has stopped on at some point... although I will say, there is a certain something to Jwoww's flowery fierceness as far as the teasers will allow me to c ), and Paris Hilton (seriusly? famous for being famous?!REALLY????)
I feel obligated to leave this world with more than some muddy footprints, a handful of children and pages of unread ramblings. So here I begin my journey, 4 1/2 months shy of my 30th bday. I hope to live long enough to discover my purpose.I have an inkling it may have something to do with my writings ( a book maybe?) and my immense desire that no one leave this world feeling unloved, most of all children, women who have lost hope and men who feel like failures.

WEll it is currently 3:15 am which means my youngest will be robotically whining for me as always. Once again I have chosen "me time" over sleep, and will be fiercly paying for at 8 am when my son comes in demanding either V8 Splash in his cup or Dino Dan on my TV,lol. wtf
Thank you for your interest in my life, I hope I don't let us down.

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  1. You never let me down and NOBODY IS PERFECT. :))