Thursday, September 1, 2011

Look. Observe. Verify. Enjoy.

"I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine and you shine for me too
I love you
And today
And tomorrow
I'll say it again and again

I was on my way to the gym when this song came on the radio and though I've heard it hundreds of times( and love it,might I add) it was the line that said:
"I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are mine and you shine for me too"

     I mean, think about it. God spoke the stars into existence. He taught them how to shine and when He is done with them, He tells them to fall from the sky and they obey.No questions asked. All of creation is like this-spoken into existence, completes the task it was taught by its Creator to do and then just fades away when told its time is up. At no point does any of Creation ever disobey the Lord. Except for one rogue piece of Art: Humans.
     We were not spoken into being, but lovingly molded by The Potter's hands from Earth (man) and bony flesh (woman). We had the privilege of walking with Him,learning from Him and knowing His voice....and we still let Him down every single day. We are the only components of His Creation that were given our own minds to make our own decisions and to choose right from wrong, and more often than not we choose wrong. And guess what? He loves us more.
     God is not some vengeful monster with his hand over a red button just waiting to open a trap door to Hades and send us all to the fiery pit. He loves us all so much. I absolutely  can't stand the "Christians" who stand in front of abortion clinics screaming "whore" and "murderer" to the women going in. And the ones picketing outside gay rallies with their "God hates F@*%$" signs ought to be slapped silly. But let me tell you something( and I don't care if you agree or not) MY GOD LOVES PEOPLE. EVERY PERSON. Man,woman, fat, skinny,American,Romanian,Muslim,Jewish and Baptist. Rich, poor, gay, bi, straight, black, white, green or purple....4'6" or 6'4", it doesn't matter whether you've smoked weed, had an abortion, stolen a kiss or a Rolex watch- GOD LOVES YOU MORE THAN EVERY STAR IN THE SKY, EVERY WHALE IN THE SEA, AND EVERY SONG SUNG BY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EXOTIC BIRDS. He took the time to use His very hands to mold you and knit you together inside your mother. He breathed the breath of Life into you and sustains your every movement. And whether or not you choose to serve Him and love Him as much as He loves you- His love for you will never ever change. His love can only be matched by His forgiveness. Just as there is nothing you can do to stop Him from loving you, there is nothing He can't forgive.(Notice I said can't forgive, not won't forgive....Matthew 12:31-32). 
     Why not take this time to show the Lord how much you love Him? If you have not yet given your life to Him, don't you think you've gone through this life on your own long enough?Tomorrow is not promised to you- you may not even have the rest of tonight. Why not give give your heart to Jesus? He's already given so much more for you. 

He loves you more. 


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