Wednesday, July 27, 2011

365 Blessings part II


               Today I am thankful for the blessing of a brand new bed.

     For over 4 years my husband and I have been sleeping on a king sized bed with busted box springs beneath it.He has tried fixing them and tying them...but to no avail. This bed has so many memories, good and bad, attached to it.... and it is so hard to say goodbye to it-if for no other reason than it was the bed we picked out together to lie in as husband and wife. It was the bed we brought each of our babies to, to nurse and co sleep in, and the best feature ( once your body adjusted to that ache and twinge in your back and neck,lol) was that it was impossible to go to bed angry and separated from each other because of the way it dipped, we'd always be forced to roll towards each other in the center!
     Around tax time last year we researched and shopped from store to store with all 4 bored to tears children in tow and finally agreed on the one- and God bless the delivery men that unloaded that monster, piece by piece, into our tiny country house! Until hubby found the time to assemble it, it was placed in the living room, against the front window- blocking out all sunlight for a year,lol. Well, we finally hauled it up to the new room and my wonderful man put it together in 30 minutes flat! It is even bigger and more beautiful assembled in our humbly bare room than the showroom with all its pricey add ons surrounding it.
     Because of of its broke down nature, and the many heartbreaking memories of an old natured spouse that were also attached to the old bed, I'm finding it easier to embrace the new bed...though the happy memories of the old one still linger. I'm quickly learning though that stuff is not what is precious, but the memories that can't be broken down,rusted or taken from you. They may one day be hidden from the forefront of your mind, but they are always there. And I look forward to making new memories (and little blessings  ) in this wonderful new place rest.

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