Sunday, October 26, 2014

Starting Over

It's been a long journey-one that I had never in my wildest dreams or nightmares ever planned on taking and I am so very thankful that during the darkest and scariest times, I've never once been alone-although it most definitely felt like it most of the time.

I am nowhere near the end of this journey, I don't think I get that privilege until I finally leave this earth.Life is about ever learning and growing. I've kept another blog-a private one-that I'm not ready to reveal all my posts from. But it was revealed to me in a dream the other night that perhaps it's time to stop being so afraid and ashamed of the road I'm on...because really, aren't we all on a journey and going through storms?

So I will be posting 1 or 2...3 if I ever feel adventurous enough....posts from that blog, here and there. I never figured that when wrote that "the Journey is too long to go it alone" that I would be writing to myself big time.

So I guess that's it for now. The next few posts I put up will be from my other blog, in the order that I wrote it in. I pray this doesn't blow up ion my face somehow and that it can be used to heal someone's heart and mind, somewhere.
God bless.

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