Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Lesson Learned from Pudding

 I love that God chooses my children to teach me lessons and to show me things that can help others on a bigger scale.

Money has been tight, so sweets are scarce. I found a package of French Vanilla Pudding in the back of the snack drawer and quickly set about adding milk to the powder and starting to mix it. Enter my 2 year old- my very strong willed 2 year old, lol. She climbs up on a box she found and asks to help mix. Before I can even say yes or no, her hand is on the back of the mixer and liquified pudding is flying everywhere. Half laughing/half freaking out she shrieks,"MOMMY HELP!" So I go to clean up the mess and take the mixer from her and she tightens her grip and says "NO, I DO IT!"
Ooooook, but I insist on keeping my hand on it as well to guide her. Unfortunately, I realize quickly she's not too keen on this idea and begins shaking the mixer everywhere and trying to wriggle it out of my hands, but as pudding goes flying again she starts freaking out..again.
It was at this point I begin to see the lesson God is trying to get across to me.
When we grab ahold of something we are not ready for, it's gonna make a mess. We cry out to Him for His help and He in all His Fatherly compassion cleans up the mess and tries to take over to make things right and put things back on track. If we allow Him to move, blessings flow. If we don't and are determined to flex our free wills (since the mess is now all gone), we risk creating a bigger mess and testing His patience. He may tighten His grip the next time we finally let go, or He may remove our hands from the situation altogether...thereby causing us to view things as "falling apart" or us "losing control" of our lives. This is the point where we begin whining that God has left us, when in actuality...we went storming off into the next room away from His guiding hand because we are pouting and angry...like my baby girl.
But at some point, hopefully, we will return to Him like she did with me- head hung low and heart heavy and sincerely apologize- realizing there is 1 God and we are not Him. It is at this point that He welcomes us back with open arms and blesses us with our pudding.


  1. Love this! Amazing analogy that I needed to hear today!

  2. I'm so glad this was able to minister to you when you needed it! (HUGS!)