Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No, I will NOT get Down with the Sickness.

     I heard the song "Getting Down with The Sickness" by Disturbed today at the gym. I've never been able to make out the words, but I knew that my husband used to love this band and he'd hum the chorus under his breath sometimes.
Dear God in Heaven....I praise you for forgiveness and the healing of hearts and your amazing ability to take a lost and wrecked life and transform it into such a new and beautiful thing.  
      I decided to look up the lyrics (WARNING: DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK)and when I saw how graphic and horribly twisted and yes, disturbed, they were...I can't even believe this is now the same man who rocks our baby everyday for her nap singing This is the Air I Breathe. 2 years ago he unloaded his heart-full of guilt and shame and secret sins on me because he could no longer stand to live sick, and God bless him, he trusted me with his heart. My initial reaction (which lasted about 5 weeks) was not good, but a lot better than expected... but I think he'd agree it was the best decision he ever made and I am so proud of him.
This song and how my amazing husband was and who he is today and who I pray he will become still....it got my mind going and thinking about sickness and disease and sin.
     I, like any other mother, hates when my kids get sick. Not just because my sleep gets robbed by extra sniffles and whininess, but because the invading germs change my kids' personalities. As their mommy, I know who each of them truly is, how they really are and what makes them tick- which is how I know when they are getting sick. My usually loud and hyper one gets very quiet and just lays around staring.My button pusher becomes ultra compliant. The clingy one becomes even worse- literally a new appendage for the length of the illness.And my goofball has 0 tolerance for anything she deems annoying. Even though there are good points at times ( like the extra quiet and compliance) it's just not the same when you know its a germ that is the driving force behind the good behavior, and not a true desire to please.
     I believe this may be how God views sin. He knows who we were truly meant to be, but when we allow ourselves to succumb to our flesh it's like picking up a germ that infects us and changes who we truly are. I can only imagine how it must have broken his heart the moment He, in all His awesome Omniscience realized that the only Creation He took time to mold with His soon-to-be nailed scarred hands had allowed sin to enter His perfect place and ruin everything. No longer would people be hopelessly in love with Him, or live to please Him because of that burning passion for Him. Now it would be because of fear of death,judgment and Hell. Ulterior motives.
     Man could no longer fully grasp the infinite love God has for us because He is our Father and our Alpha. He would now be seen as a Judge,Jury and Executioner. Some would even go so far as to defy his intolerance for evil by making the darkness trendy and then challenge His very existence because of his long suffering patience for us to come back to Him repentantly.
     I say the time for healing is now! We should no longer be content with the commonness of mediocrity or living deliberately sick and sinful lives. Who cares if giving it over to God is hard and scary? It can't be any harder or scarier than an eternity of separation from His Light!  It can't be any harder or scarier than having the skin whipped off your back and the slow suffocation of being nailed to a cross- because you have a Love for a People who you have not yet met- who may never fully understand why you are doing this for them...or who may never even care. Jesus wants to heal you from sickness....your sin....that thing(s) that is(are) choking out the growth and well being in you. Let Him do it- hand it over to Him; it just might be the BEST medicine you ever take.

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