Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting to the Root of Your Issues

***To catch up for my 365blessings: I am blessed with my own home, 4 beautiful children and air conditioning in this oppressive heat!!!***

   I have been spending the better part of today searching Missing Money websites trying to see if there is any unclaimed money out there for me or my extended family. This has undoubtedly led to my search for me and my husband's distant relatives. 

     Why does knowing your deceased relatives matter? Anyone could answer that. Because then you know where you come from,right? Right. But it's more than that. Knowing who your people are means knowing who you are too- or more importantly why you are. Why you are moody, or red haired or in love with the idea of skydiving,lol.
     When I was in high school I had to do a paper about the roots of Halloween. All the studying and research began getting me more and more curious about the Wiccan religion though I was taught from a young age to stay away from all forms of sorcery and divination.Still, it was becoming strangely appealing to the point where one book I had  had a section on spells you can do at home and I found myself struggling to not want to "just try one." I returned the book to the library and never gave it another thought. Years later after I was married I told my mm about this...turns out there was actually a practicing witch in our family! Though witchcraft is not genetic, the spirits in a family can be handed down unwillingly just as easily as freckles or curly hair. Knowing your roots can unlock the mysteries of so many so called diseases and ailments.I often wonder how many diseases people just write off like depression and alcoholism aren't really just spirits passed down through the generations? What do you think?

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