Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We all need Somebody to Lean on


    Here's an interesting thought: there is no such thing as being truly independent. There is no such thing as being self made. Everybody- and I don't care how big of a lone wolf you are- depends or relies on SOMEBODY. Even if you grow your own food, make your own clothes, use candles instead of electricity and hunt for what you eat and wear... you didn't make your own gun or bow and arrows, you probably didn't make the hose or well that syphons the water to feed your crops and you didn't make the needle and thread that is holding your clothes together. 

     Most of us aren't that extreme Jeremiah Johnson types...but we pride ourselves on being able to do things on our own better alone than without the interference of others. Not all of us, but some. I'm big time guilty on this one. I can't stand to have help til I'm overwhelmed, then I freak out that no one ever helps me! It's sad, I know, but I'm working on it.

     All this came to me today as I am getting ready to get my A1c done. I worry every few months that my score isn't gonna be good enough and I will be knocked into a more severe tier of being diabetic. When I started this journey I was a workout fiend- gym everyday for hours on end, kickboxing, 4 Zumba classes a week etc.... but it was a different time then, there was no one to home school since it was summer and I had more help and free time.Not so much now. I go to Zumba or the gym when I can and continue to slowly and steadily lose weight. Apparently this impresses people and I've become a sort of inspiration to others. That's very encouraging and flattering for me, but being totally honest I always felt like i was allowing a lie when people said something like "Wow, it's amazing how you've done this all on your own!" and I haven't corrected them.  Even when I do they usually say something along the lines of,"Well, you know what I mean". and I do...but still, it's NOT true.
     There is no way I could have come as far as I have all on my own! There are obvious people who played an important role in my so-far-success...people like my Dr. for listening to my concerns and taking them seriously, the nurses who encourage me and compliment my shrinking looks every time I come in, the phlebotomist who takes my blood, the lab that screens my sugars, the Zumba instructors who come out every week and have a class ready and put together for people ready for a body change....even people like my own kids who say sweet things like they can now get my arms around me and my husband for listening to every fear,cry,complaint and  pound lost.
     Then there are the less thought of people like Pillsbury. Laugh if you will, but imagine suddenly having a condition where you have to just stop most of your favorite foods and desserts cold turkey. Doesn't seem like a big deal til that first craving- are you gonna fall off the wagon and roll in guilt or stay on and be resentful? That's where Pillsbury came in. I gave up my beloved brownies and homemade cupcakes cold turkey...and was resentful. I can honestly say I never once cheated...and the Lord blessed me( see, He cares, even by answering  "insignificant" prayers) by having a baking company that is the only one around that makes sugar free cake and brownie mix. Now I can have my favorite desserts again, in moderation of course!
     See, I'm sure Pillsbury had no idea when they were forming their company that they knew they would end up being the answer to a newly diabetic's prayer someday in 2011- but they were. I rely on them to continue making their products when I have my cravings, they rely on customers like me to continue faithful buying. This is just one example. I rely on the cable company to entertain my family, the postal service to get my bills to me and back out on time, the gas station to not run out of gas...I even depend on you to let me know that writing these blogs is not for naught. As a dear friend pointed out the other, would all these writings make a difference even if I don't end up with thousands of followers and fans- if they only were to touch 1 person and uplift them and help them??? The answer is absolutely! If I just touch 1 life and have made a difference, then that makes all the difference to me between true blogging and just journaling.
     We all depend on somebody,like it or not. Sorry it's just the way it is. Truth is truth, whether you believe it or not. 

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  1. well, this is very good! I wasnt mentioned once:( i try to support you dont forget me please. I enjoy reading your blogs and they do touch me.